About Us

Welcome to Military-Discussion.com, your newest community and source for discussing all things mlitary and related to military history.  Like you, we have an interest in all things military, especially the different eras and military technologies of the time.  We look forward to your contributions of articles and discussion to the various topics on this board.  However, before you post up or reply, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Respect other members of our community, it is okay to disagree, to debate, but it is not okay to resort to personal attacks.
  • Adhere to facts, when presenting your ideas or rebutting, you are free to offer your opinions and theories, however if you want to refute any ideas, please try to cite sources to back up your arguments.
  • Anyone can post any article or story, so long as you cite your source.? You can do so by offering a link where you got the story from, and listing who the source is (ex. CNN.com, FoxNews.com, Janes.com,etc.)
  • Please do NOT advertise on this forum, for any service, UNLESS it is military-related (books, games, groups, sites, etc.).? If you want to advertise your group or site, please do so at the Military Academy.? If you want to advertise services, please post them here at Ye Olde Military Trading Post.
  • Any military history societies, military site preservation societies, , re-enactment groups, societies for creative anachronism, or similiar groups are welcome to advertise provided they contact me first.? I would be more than happy to cross-advertise such groups with our group.